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We've got some dawgs up in here

September 16, 2012

A strong unbleached cloth of hemp, flex or other course of yarn is used for painting called a canvas. To create is to bring things into being by having having a costume such as the dress of a bulldog, spelled in our great state of Mississippi and the finest university, Mississippi State University. We spell our bulldog who is our mascot, bulldawg! I am an artist, and I create things by bringing them into being and hopefully making them come alive. I became an artist who created dramatic characters to play their roles. I suppose you can call me a female creatress. I simply created our bulldawg front porch. Yes, creatress is a real word, because I looked it up in my Shorter Oxford English Dictionary! I artistically created this very special scene and its actors. Their stage for acting out their parts is our big ole wrap-a-round front porch.

You truly are suddenly in bulldawg country, and the colors are maroon and white. We use the word y'all for you all, and y'all should drive by and suddenly see our big 'ole wrap-a-round front porch. Dottie and Mollie Golly, our two wo-mannequins, are casually dressed in blue and white denim outfits, MSU T-shirts and most unique hats. Their stuffed friend, Priscilla, is very spiffy looking too. There is a special real dog house with a bulldawg inside, on top and one outside. There are two beautiful scenes of our big Davis-Wade football stadium, and if you carefully listen you can be surprised to hear the sounds of cowbells very loudly ringing and happy fans yelling, “We've got some dawgs up in here. Ruff, Ruff, Ruff !!!” Now if you dial our home telephone, 662-323-1882 and let it ring 2 times, listen to our answering machine; you will hear this message. Call, listen and leave us a smile!

One of my greatest joys in life is using our old porch as my artist canvas to create a painting each month of the year as it becomes my stretched canvas. Our home was built by my own great-grandaddy, Wiley Bartley Pearson, in 1911. Our family has remained here for six generations. My granny, Daisy Pearson Lewis, helped her daddy continue to raise his family of seven after he became a widower. She married my granddaddy, William Elmer Lewis, and they remained living here to raise their family of three children. I grew up in this home with my mama, Elizabeth Lewis McReynolds, daddy John Andrew McReynolds II and my only sibling, Johnny McReynolds III. As did my husband, Frank Davis Sr., myself along with our own three children and our six grandchildren, making six generations experiencing wonderful happiness and joy living in our family home.

Our big wrap-around-porch becomes my canvas as well as a very special opportunity to suddenly become very creative month after month and year after year. As you ride by, glance over at our front porch and see a setting of wo-mannequins and other characters who look really alive breathing, smiling, and winking back at you! My hope is that you will suddenly feel lifted up, smiling, giggling, laughing and experiencing a very extra special tugging with happiness on your heart strings for the rest of that day. Remember to live life to its fullest each day as you set your goal to just simply stay happy!

Way down here in our deep south in Mississippi our front porch becomes our outside living/den room. We rock, swing and watch as the world passes us by every day. Louisville Street is one of the busiest streets in town, and its fun to see all the cars, trucks, buses, bikers, walkers and runners right by our family home. We wave and yell, “Hey, how are y'all doing today, and stop by and come on in rock in our rocking chairs, swing in our swings and sit a spell, chat and talk with us! Native Mississippians offer friends, family and complete strangers our very friendly and sincere Southern hospitality.

My 2012 front porch was created and dedicated to all bulldawg fans. Let's together take a peep inside and we'll read my artistically created canvas/porch from top to bottom, sentence by sentence going left to right. We shall leave the middle and largest “porch painting” until last. Find the big mascot dressed up like a bulldawg relaxing on Davis/Wade's football field petting the real bulldawg. Look carefully at the real MSU student inside the bulldawg outfit. Read the words around both dawgs! Our favorite cheer is definitely, “We've got some bulldawgs up in here!” We are also known as the “Cow College” because of our fine agricultural college within MSU here. Years ago a jersey cow once wondered on our green football field to munch grass with her cowbell around her neck. We really do ring those loud cowbells when MSU makes a touch down especially we play our biggest rival, Ole Miss. We began our football season for 2012 Sept. 1 and play football games until we reach our final game, Nov. 24 against Ole Miss this season played in Oxford. We plan to bring back home the “Golden Egg!”

Next is “Miss Bully Belle,” our female dawg with her paws resting on a tiny wooden brown stool. She looks so pretty with her white straw hat slightly tilted to one side of her head and her brown eyes and long flirty brown eye lashes. She is so sweetly just hanging out on the porch with her pink bows tied on her ears.

Priscilla is stuffed rag doll. Look at her maroon and white big hair style. Guess what her hair really is? It is a maroon and white skirt. Dig those huge lime green sun glasses. They match her lime green socks and pink Mary Jane shoes on her feet. She is dressed head to toe in style because she is really styling! She has on her maroon MSU tee shirt, maroon and white pom pom and maroon megaphone in her hands. She is rocking in a tiny white wooden rocker “jest a rocking” as she's watches the world passing by on the street. Find again the mascot, Bully waving and yelling to the Saturday afternoon foot ball crowd. See the big MSU symbol “M” and State!

Dressed To The Nines is Miss Dottie. See that cute blue and white denim long dress, striped maroon and white long sleeved tee shirt, football helmet on her head and a maroon and white pigtail sticking out from two holes in her helmet tied with bows. Find her maroon football necklace around her neck as well as a stuffed maroon football in her lap and pom poms in her hands. She is sitting and waiting for the game to start in an antique Victorian rocker. Standing beside Dottie is her granddaughter, Miss Mollie Golly. Look at her unusual hat. It is a furry bulldawg perched on top! Blue and white stripped denim jeans pushed up to her knees as peddle pushers, and her MSU maroon tee shirt. She is sporting huge maroon and white tied shoes (saddle oxfords).

Go the third sentence and you'll spot a tiny bulldawg glancing up at his daddy with the big sunglasses on his eyes and a sporty big bow of maroon and white around his neck. He is holding his head and body up with great pride! Agree? See the far right hand side of this artistic creation. See the real wooden dawg house designed and built for us by Buck Swain. The top is covered with MSU logo stickers, and find the bigger bulldawg relaxing inside the house as he munches on wooden dawg bones, and plopping in the top resting in the sunshine is a baby bulldawg. She is a female dawg because she has on a hot pink bow tied into the tip top of her furry head.

Now look directly into the middle and see all the characters that I as a creatress created! Now see the bay window entrance way into our family home. Find the screen front door leading you on into the big glass wavy glass door and two bay widows with this same very old wavy glass. Look above the front door hanging light fixture. It is an antique light from the old Goodman store down town Starkville on Main Street. It dates back to the 1800s. See the red/maroon roses blooming in the front of the porch. Unseen to your eyes in this creation are the two flags blowing gently in the breeze. One is our red, white and blue American flag and the other is our maroon and white MSU flag. You are in the USA Country as well as Bulldawg Country!

I suppose I am a real MSU bred and born lady with my whole heart and soul loving our MSU bulldawgs! I am also known as a “Hot Blooded Woman!” I sincerely invite each one of y'all with all of my sincere Southern hospitality to drive by, glancing over at my artistically created porch and listen very quietly. Suddenly you'll be hearing all of these bulldawgs yelling, screaming and ringing cowbells with great pride and a whole lot of gusto.

Carole McReynolds Davis is a local artist. Email her at

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