Young Starkville celebrity chef to host cooking show on MPB

Chef Mark Coblentz prepared smoked salmon and asparagus spears topped with cured egg yolks during the Starkville Newcomers and Friends meeting Tuesday morning. The 14-year-old Starkville native will star in his own cooking show "Making a Chef" in April 2018. (Photo by Mary Rumore, SDN)
Staff Writer

Starkville native Mark Coblentz's cooking show "Making a Chef" will premier in April 2018 on Mississippi Public Broadcasting.

The 14-year-old chef began cooking when he was six years old, with his talents bringing his name to a national audience.

He has appeared on "Chopped Junior," "Master Chef Junior," "Wonderama" and "Fit to Eat," but Coblentz will star on his own show for the first time during "Making a Chef."

"I'm really looking forward to it," Coblentz said. "I am getting to be the executive producer of the show and call the shots of how I want to teach others how to make the dishes. I'm really excited about it."
Coblentz said four episodes of the eight-to-12 episode first season have already been filmed, and they feature pizza, vegetables, brisket and corn. The rest of the episodes in the season are still in the planning stages.

"It's exciting to think that at 14 he's going to have his own cooking show," Coblentz's mother Bonnie said.

The half-hour series is produced by Broadcast Media Group, which was founded by Coblentz's father Robbie.

The family started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the television series. The campaign can be found at under "Help make 'Making a Chef' TV show."

Bonnie said Mark is not receiving any money from the show, and all the money raised in the Kickstarter campaign will go toward production costs, editing and travel expenses.

Follow Coblentz on Facebook at "Mark the Chef, on Twitter @marktherealchef, on Instagram @mark_the_real_chef and YouTube at Mark the Chef.