West Point cosmetology school relocating to Starkville

Creative Cosmetology is moving to Starkville and closing its West Point location. (Photo by Donna Summerall, Daily Times Leader)
Staff Writer

Creative Cosmetology is moving its school of cosmology, hair design and nail technology to a new location in Starkville.

"I love West Point and I had hoped to be able to educate young people," said Rena Williams, owner of Creative Cosmetology. "We teach hair styling, nail technology and facial cosmetology. We are a full service school. I also try to instill a work ethic in my students. Whether or not they take it with them after graduation is up to them."

She said she had hoped to be permanently in West Point, but she was given a few acres of land in Starkville and she has a dream to build a large school on the property.

"We are in the process of building a school in Starkville," Williams said. "I've been in the business of teaching and sharing what I know for 10 years. I've always rented the property. But now I have the opportunity to own the land and the building, so that's why I'm moving. "

Williams said it's hard to find young people who want to put in the work to be certified. She has offered scholarships to help with the expenses of school.

"I've had a lot of graduates over the years who own very successful businesses," Williams said. "But it just seems like the young people who come out of high school would rather flip burgers than put in the time and dedication learn a profession where they can earn a good living. I hoping it will be different in Starkville."

Williams said the idea for Creative Cosmetology started on a piece of paper. From there it became a reality.

"I hate leaving West Point, I love it here," Williams said. "But I have to do what is best for me and my school."

Williams said students can make a good living doing what is taught at Creative Cosmetology. She hopes many will take advantage of what her school has to offer.

"Education is an investment," Williams said. "No matter what kind of education and knowledge a person is seeking. it won't just get handed to you. You have to work and work hard to learn. Nothing worth having comes without hard work and a good work ethic."

Williams said she cannot let her dream die, that's why she is moving Creative Cosmetology to Starkville.