Truck rolls, blocks Highway 25 South

Bulldog Wrecker crews used their 50-ton-capacity wrecker to right a tractor-trailer truck which overturned in the U.S. 82-Highway 25 interchange late Tuesday afternoon. The westbound truck was exiting U.S. 82 to go south on Highway 25 and as the driver attempted to make the turn, the vehicle overturned and its cargo – a 42,000-pound steel coil, officials said. It broke loose and rolled down an embankment into a nearby field. The driver was able to get out of the vehicle and was transported to OCH Regional Medical Center for examination. Department of Transportation personnel responded to evaluate damage to the pavement and shoulder.Starkville Fire Department firefighters arrived on scene to contain a small fluid spill. Bulldog Wrecker used their 50-ton-capacity wrecker to right the vehicle. Starkville police blocked the road and provided traffic control. Traffic was blocked from entering Highway 25 South for approximately 90 minutes Tuesday afternoon.