Supes ask company for paving schedule

District 3 Supervisor Marvell Howard asked President of B&M Paving Company Mark Brown to lay out a more structured plan for the roads his company is working on during their meeting. (Photo by Logan Kirkland, SDN)
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The Oktibbeha County Board of Supervisors asked a company performing road work for the county to provide a specific plan and outline for the progress it is making.

The company who was awarded the bid last fall was B & M Paving Company. District 3 Supervisor Marvell Howard called for this item to be on the agenda, so he could further discuss the current status of the projects and what has not yet been accomplished.

"I had some concerns about your schedule and the amount of progress that is being made, and what you project to get done over the rest of the summer," Howard said.

Howard asked President of B & M Paving Company Mark Brown to tell the board what his plans are and why they haven't gotten more progress done at this point.

District 4 Supervisor Bricklee Miller said she would like for Brown to break down the roads and areas in which he has planned to address, because there are currently a large portion of roads under contract.

Brown said they have been working in the Maben area, leveling and doing other repair work.

"We had to get a milling machine on Artesia Road, that was small enough because as we were digging out we were hitting soil cement and we couldn't meet the requirements without having an overrun of costs," Brown said.

He said they had a 6-inch dig out, but the soil cement is eight inches deep.

Brown said on Tuesday morning they would have the milling machine, and the hot mix crew on Artesia Road to get it leveled and all of the base repair done.

Brown said they currently have finished Hickory Grove Road and have moved to Steele Road. He said on Steele Road, there are places where there needs an extra base and base repair.

Howard interrupted Brown, asking if he was just thinking of the projects off the top of his head and didn't have it laid out.

"I was slightly concerned about you being able to produce all of this work," Howard said.

Howard said there was the impression Brown would hire other sub contractors to help with the work. Brown responded saying they are working with other subcontractors.

As for the repairs in Maben, Howard said those repaired spots have been finished for two or three months and there has been no other work done.

"Is there any way that you and our engineer can get together and lay out a schedule and let him report back with a reasonable amount of what we should be able to expect with progress and a timeframe," Howard said.

Howard said the supervisors understand weather plays a part in the paving process, but they need a more substantial plan moving forward so they can tentatively look and mark progress.

"I'm concerned with the lack of progress that has been made to this point," Howard said.

Brown said the current temperatures and the two-week forecast doesn't look good in terms of being able to finish the road work by the June 1 deadline.

He said the problem is, if he were to mill and soil cement the road, he would have to pave right behind it or it will crumble.

"Until the weather gets warm enough, and the ground temperature gets warm enough, I don't need to do that or it will sit there," Brown said.

Miller said the county has other projects that are coming out on bid as well, so that's another concern the board has with Brown meeting the deadline.

"We've got a lot of money that we are allocating right now, and not just allocating money for the projects but to see that projects are completed in a timely manner," Miller said.

Brown said he’s responsible for the work, and if the rock doesn't stick the board will come to him to fix the road again. He said he wants to do the job right.

"I don't think I can meet the June 1, but I'll definitely be right there close," Brown said.

District 1 Supervisor John Montgomery asked Brown if the situation was "out of hand" and he responded it was under control.

Brown told the Supervisors to tell him which roads he should prioritize first and each agreed he was the one who would know what path would be easiest and fastest for his crews to work.

"We want you to lay out a schedule that's going to be the most efficient," Howard said.

The total miles of road B&M Paving was awarded to work on is 25 miles.

Below is a list of the roads being worked on by district:

District 1
• PD Fulgham Road
• John High Road
• Yeates Subdivision Road
• Oriole Drive
• Robin Drive
• Cardinal Drive
• Lakeview Drive
• Travis Lane
• Whispering Pines
• Lob Lolly Road
• Mallard Drive
• Oakwood Drive
• Hickory Ridge Drive

District 2
• Hickory Grove Road
• Steele Road
• Davis Road

District 3
• Lucy Faye Road
• Water & Mill Street
• Roosevelt & Quinn Street
• Buntin Road
• Polly Bell Road

District 4
• Crosstie Street
• Ennis Road
• Hall Street
• Post Office Road
• Seitz Street

District 5
•Artesia Road