Stations of the Cross bring community together

Junsco Chung, 21, and Hoechen Cho, 32, from the Starkville Korean Church, stand holding the cross together at Station Five at the Stations of the Cross ceremony that wove through town on Friday, April 14. (Photo by Sarah Raines, SDN)
Staff Writer

One ritual performed in memory of Jesus' sacrifice is the Stations of the Cross, a ceremony which walks people through the steps and events that Jesus took before his crucifixion.

The story of the journey to Calvary was more complex than just an arrest, a trial and a punishment. Different events that took place along the way, and the Station of the Cross walks people through that sequence of events.

Each ceremony usually consists of 14 stages. Some forms of the ceremony start with when Jesus was condemned to death, some in the Garden of Gethsemane and some beginning at the Last Supper.

On Friday, April 14, over 100 people were seen gathered in downtown Starkville, walking through the Stations of the Cross and hearing scriptures read at each of the Stations. The procession
went down East Lampkin Street, turned onto Jackson Street, and then followed Main Street.

Participants took turns carrying a cross from one stop to the next, helping one another to lift onto their shoulders as Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus to bear his cross. When the crowd approached
the next stage, the people stopped and listened to scriptures that form the theme of that particular stop.

The journey of Good Friday ended at Calvary. People follow through these Stations to remember the turmoil of the journey that Jesus took to Calvary, so that they can celebrate together with friends and family on Easter Sunday