Spruill wins mayor’s race by 7 votes, Moore to review rejected ballots

Starkville City Hall (courtesy)
For Starkville Daily News

Starkville's mayoral race saw a close finish Tuesday night and Wednesday morning saw the margin of victory become smaller as affidavit ballots were processed at City Hall.

Property owner and former chief administrative officer for the city of Starkville Lynn Spruill was named the winner over attorney Johnny Moore by seven votes on Wednesday morning. On Tuesday night, Spruill's lead was only 12 votes.

Unofficial results show Spruill winning 1872 to 1865, after 43 affidavit ballots were processed. In total, 26 affidavit ballots were rejected.

Moore told the SDN Wednesday afternoon he plans to review the rejected absentee ballots and some of the rejected affidavit ballots.

“At this point, we just want to ensure that every vote cast was properly counted or rejected,” Moore said.
Spruill told the SDN on Wednesday afternoon she understands the path Moore is taking.

“They have to do what they feel like is appropriate for them to do and I will look forward to whatever that end result is, there's a process that has to be followed,” Spruill said. 

Immediately after hearing the results Wednesday morning, Spruill said once the election results are confirmed, and if she is named the winner, then her first move as mayor will be speaking with Board of Aldermen members and city department heads.

“Before I actually get sworn in, I want to start meeting with the department heads and the board members that I know are going to be back and see how things are standing right now because it’s been four years since I've actually been engaged in an active way with the city,” Spruill said. 

Spruill said she will want to continue carrying out what the aldermen have already started, such as the Parks Master Plan.

The Parks Master Plan is a plan designed to ensure the upkeep, community involvement, future developments and aspirations of Starkville's parks. 

With vote counting lasting late into Tuesday night, the only thing left to do Wednesday morning was to count the affidavit ballots from all seven Wards. 

Spruill explained to SDN how she felt walking into City Hall Wednesday morning. 

“I was comfortable because it was over in the sense that there wasn't anything I was going to be able to do anything about, so you just sit back and let the people who know what they're doing make the count and however it came out is how it came out,” Spruill said. 

After hearing the results Wednesday morning, Johnny Moore said if he loses the election, he has no other political aspirations.

“This is it,” Moore said. 

Election officials have until next Tuesday, May 23, to certify the results of the election and officially name a winner.