Special election deadline highlights field

Staff Writer

Friday marked the qualification deadline for Circuit Clerk, Chancery Court and Constable District 1 race in the special election is on Nov. 7.

Interim Circuit Clerk Angie McGinnis is encouraged to have a large number of candidates give up their time in order to run for a public service job.

“From what I know of each of the candidates, I am very encouraged to see that we do have what I consider to be well qualified candidates for the job,” McGinnis said.

McGinnis said the candidates running for the chancery clerk position have had a longer window to campaign, so it is important for residents to become informed for the circuit clerk candidates because their time to campaign is much shorter and they may not be able to get to meet with everyone.

“Meet as many people as you can personally,” McGinnis said. “See what they plan on doing and how they plan on running the office.”

McGinnis said residents of Oktibbeha County need to take advantage of social media by viewing candidates’ websites and Facebook pages.

Using these platforms, McGinnis said it gives residents a chance to interact and learn more about candidates if they don’t get a chance to meet them.

“I would go on those websites and search for information on candidates,” McGinnis said. “Hopefully there is an opportunity for you to maybe leave a question and then they can get back with you.”

The final qualifying deadline for House of Representatives District 38 is Sept. 18. The deadline was set by Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant.

The special election will take place on Nov. 7. If you are not registered to vote, or have not updated your voter information do so by visiting the Oktibbeha County Circuit Court.


Oktibbeha County Circuit Court  is a part of the 16th Circuit Court District, which includes Lowndes, Clay and Noxubee Counties. The court handles both civil and criminal cases.

The circuit clerk candidates who qualified for the race are Teresa Davis, Sheryl Elmore, Tony Rook, Stephanie Morgan Snyder and Elaine Boykin Turner.


Chancery court handles equity cases involving domestic and family matters such as divorce, child custody, child support, adoptions and other related issues. The court also handles all issues involving minors and commitments of persons impaired through mental disability and other matters.

The chancery clerk candidates who qualified for the race are Tina M. Fisher, Martesa Bishop Flowers, Margaret Monique Jordan, Sharon Livingston, Barbara A. Mitchell and Hattie Ridgel.


The county constable's duties are to keep and preserve the peace within his or her county by aiding and assisting in executing the criminal laws of the state for the Justice Courts of his district.

The two candidates who qualified for the Constable District 1 race are Joe Morse and Shank Phelps.