South Montgomery resurfacing project begins

Workers begin to repave South Montgomery Street on Wednesday as a part of a resurfacing project starting at the entrance of Country Club Estates down to Mt. Olive Road and Bethel Road. The project will take about two weeks to complete. (Photos by Logan Kirkland, SDN)
Staff Writer

A resurfacing project on South Montgomery Street began Wednesday, starting from the entrance of Country Club Estates down to Mt. Olive Road and Bethel Road.

The project will repave over three miles of road, taking about two weeks to complete.

“There will be a little bit of an inconvenience and I apologize for that but they will work very quickly,” District 4 Supervisor Bricklee Miller said. “When the project is done (residents) will be riding on a really nice asphalt surface.”

On Wednesday, the construction crews were only allowing traffic to travel south, but after residents voiced their concerns, Miller spoke with the workers and allowed travel for both north and south.

Until the project is completed, the road will be narrowed down to one lane, creating a longer time for commuting.

The project will refurbish the base of the road with soil cement, grind the lanes and replace the surface with asphalt. The current road is chip sealed.

One reason why Miller wanted this road to be a top priority is based on the growth the area has seen in recent years. She said in just three miles of road, there are over 600 homes in the area along with businesses and churches.

Miller said the Board of Supervisors faces a challenge because for many years it relied on federal and state funds, but due to budget cuts continuously occurring it wants to be aggressive in addressing roads because in the future, funds may not be available.

“We had to take a step this year and make a decision that we were going to improve the infrastructure and the roads in Oktibbeha County because they are in desperate need of attention,” Miller said.

Miller said when it comes to choosing which roads will have priority, a supervisor and the county engineer will ride the roads and asses the life expectancy of the roads and decide if a road can be patched or needs complete overhaul.

Miller noted soil also plays a part in the overall life expectancy of the road and in the past roads were built on an inadequate foundation. One road in particular Miller pointed out was Poor House Rd, which is already in need of attention even with it being a newer road.

“We have a lot more roads to address,” Miller said. “When we go back and redo these roads we need to address the underlying problems and not just put a surface over the top.”

One of Miller’s other concerns about addressing South Montgomery was safety. She said with the chip seal and striping fading, you can hit a dip which can shift your car. These improvements will fix those concerns.

“It is a safety concern,” Miller said. “It will be much easier to see and stay within your lanes.”

Miller is excited to be able to bring visible change for residents in the county and will continue to work to improve infrastructure within the county.

“The Board of Supervisors has taken an extremely aggressive approach on this,” Miller said. “We have over 37 miles just in the first phase of bids to be resurfaced in Oktibbeha County.”

Roads to be improved:

•Crosstie Street

•Ennis Road

•Hall Street

•Post Office Road

•Seitz Street

•Hickory Grove Road

•Steele Road

•Davis Road

•Lucy Faye Road

•Water & Mill Street

•Roosevelt & Quinn Streets

•Buntin Roard

•Polly Bell Road

•P D Fulgham Road

•John High Road

•Yeates Subdivision Road

•Oriole Drive

•Robin Drive

•Cardinal Drive

•Valley Lane

•Lakeview Drove

•Travis Lane

•Whispering Pines Road

•Lob Lolly Road

•Mallard Drive

•Oakwood Drive

•Hickory Ridge Road

•Artesia Road

• Bids for all projects are set for Sept. 5.