SAAC partners with Sunday Funday

John Bateman, Robert Camp, Rosa Dalomba, Joe MacGown, Bonnie Brumley, Blair Edwards and Caleb Hutson are serving as the Sunday Funday board.
Staff Writer

With the start of Sunday Funday quickly approaching, many new changes are taking place from last year's monthly art market.

Sunday Funday board chair Joe MacGown said after Sunday Funday's first year, he and the other organizers wanted to make the event more official by creating a board and seeking sponsorship.

"We wanted to make this into something that could continue and grow throughout the years," MacGown said.

Starkvilla Area Arts Council Executive Director and board member John Bateman said this year, SAAC is serving as a fiscal sponsor for Sunday Funday.

Along with MacGown and Bateman, Robert Camp, Rosa Dalomba, Bonnie Brumley, Blair Edwards and Caleb Hutson are serving as the Sunday Funday board.

Other sponsors for Sunday Funday include: Chalet Arts, Del Rendon Foundation, Phillips Financial, Rick's Cafe, The Pop Porium, The City of Starkville, The Veranda, Scooter's Records, The People's Cup Microroastery and The Cotton District.

"These arrangements are most frequently seen between existing nonprofits and start-ups or individual artists as way to help provide needed support without a huge expense," Bateman said. "It's basically a formal agreement that's a little more advanced than a traditional grant. In this relationship, Sunday Funday will retain its day-to-day programming decisions and planning, while SAAC provides financial oversight to help ensure funds are spent for appropriate purposes."

Bateman said this will give Sunday Funday financial infrastructure and support, while also allowing it to accept tax-deductible donations without filing for tax-exempt status or legal incorporation, and SAAC benefits by working alongside a fun, grassroots built art market as another way to build a community through art.

"The business community benefits, because young artists learn about collecting sales taxes while SAAC, as fiscal sponsor, takes on the function of reporting and filing them," Bateman said. "Creative communities are strongest through collaboration and cooperation, and this relationship helps both SAAC and Sunday Funday reach their common goal by working together."

MacGown said the financial sponsorship will toward paying musicians at the market, allowing vendors to set up at no charge and supplies for children's art activities.

MacGown said the market emphasizes artists who need to get their work out to the public at no cost.

"Working together with them is a no brainer from every standpoint," MacGown said.

Bateman said Sunday Funday is a relaxed art market that attracts new and emerging artists that may not have the resources or knowledge yet to compete at larger festivals.

"It's an easy entry point, much like the Queer Art Market, where young artists have the chance to hang out their shingle to explore their business savvy and build a community," Bateman said. "In a lot of cases, young creatives simply want and need an opportunity to connect with others, and Sunday Funday offers that. Plus, its a lot of fun."

The first Sunday Funday of the year will take place from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m. at the Parthenon building on University Drive. It will feature music a drum circle and music by Jonny Hollis, The Hollagrahams and Hotsauce. In case of inclement weather, it will take place indoors at Rick's Cafe.