PSC warns of impersonation phone scam

Staff Writer

Brandon Presley, North District Public Service Commissioner, is warning Miss. residents of a serious telephone scam which uses the Mississippi PSC's name as bait to obtain residents' personal information and money.

Constituents reported earlier this week of receiving calls telling them they had won a large amount of money. In all reported cases, the victim would soon receive a follow-up call from a person claiming to be with Presley's office.

The scammer would declare the winnings were legitimate and could be collected after a payment of a $750 transaction fee.

"The PSC is on the front lines protecting the interests of Mississippi phone customers," Presley said in a news release. "For these crooks to try and use our good name to scam our people is despicable. Customers need to be aware that the PSC does not and will not call anyone for such a purpose as this, and if you get such a call, report it immediately."

Presley advises anyone receiving a call from someone claiming to be from the PSC who demands money or personal information to report the call to 1-800-637-7722 or 1-800-356-6428.