New Year's Resolutions: Ward 7 Alderman Henry Vaughn

Ward 7 Alderman Henry Vaughn (Photo by Logan Kirkland, SDN)
Staff Writer

The Starkville Daily News will sit down with each member of the Starkville Board of Aldermen, discussing previous and future accomplishments for the city as the new year begins. Our series began with Ward 1 Alderman Ben Carver, and will end with Mayor Lynn Spruill.


Ward 7 Alderman Henry Vaughn said this past year he was most pleased with the finalization and opening of the new Starkville Police Department headquarters.

He said after many years of decisions, issues and uncertainty the police department finally has the high quality facility it deserves. He said having the facility will create a wonderful environment for years to come.

"They found a home for themselves," Vaughn said. "I think it increased their morale and I really believe by them finding a home it will break down the turnover that we have in that department."

After recently passing the salary adjustments for city employees, Vaughn said he is relieved and excited workers will be getting the pay they deserve.

He said for the longest time some workers were not being paid the same rate other municipalities were paying and now the city has competitive wages.

"That's something we've been battling for since 2009," Vaughn said. "Especially the ones in the sanitation and water department, where they were so far underpaid compared to other municipalities."


For the new year, Vaughn said there are many areas in need of attention in terms of infrastructure. He said this includes addressing dilapidated areas, streets and drainage.

He said there are plenty of areas receiving attention from the comprehensive plan, but wants to make sure the money will be going to the right places with the most need.

For example, Vaughn said he wants Cedar Creek Lane, Long Street and Garrard road addressed.

"I want to make sure all of the funds that we've got, that we put them in the right place," Vaughn said.

In terms of his ward, Vaughn said there are many areas including Greensboro Street and Jones Drive where he would like to see sidewalks and railings to help allow more accessibility and beautification.

"I hope this term I can sit down with Ms. Spruill and the budget chair and see if we can get that done," Vaughn said. "That would make it safer for the kids, and beautify some of the area."

One thing Vaughn said he wants to look at is providing some sort of facility for children and young adults to play sports and participate in other athletic activities. He said the Sportsplex is a good facility, but it is not easily accessible for residents in his area.

"There's no where to go," Vaughn said. "When it's winter time, they've got to go all the way to the Sportsplex and I would just like to see something on this side of town."

One goal Vaughn said he has been sitting on for a while is to establish a facility for homeless people and people coming out of prison to help reestablish themselves.

Vaughn said he will begin meetings soon to see what options are available.

"A lot of people don't realize, but we've got a lot of homeless people here in the city," Vaughn said. "I would like to see that we try to do something to provide something for those people."


Vaughn said the biggest issue going into 2018 will be the outcome of the election contest between Mayor Lynn Spruill and Johnny Moore.

He said it concerns him because he wants the board to stay focused and keep the vision it currently has for the city of Starkville.

"No matter how it plays out, I just pray and hope this board we will continue on the progress we are on," Vauhgn said.

In terms of specific issues, Vaughn said the industrial park will continue to be a contentious issue and will require close attention by the board.

"We are going to keep going through with challenges after challenges in trying to approve this and that," Vaughn said. "It's something that I've wanted that will increase the quality of life for everybody in Starkville."

As the discussion of annexation continues, Vaughn said he would like to put his concerns of the 1998 annexation to bed. He said once areas in the city are addressed, then he can get behind the possible annexation of the city.

"Let's fix what should have been fixed a long time ago," Vaughn said. "I'll be ready to roll with the other annexation when we get that fixed,"


Vaughn said for his personal New Year's resolution, he would like to train and participate in the Frostbite marathon. He said he will continue to walk five miles a day and hopes to encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle.

Tomorrow the Starkville Daily News will end its series with Mayor Lynn Spruill's New Year’s resolutions.