Nash Street releases first music video

Last year, the once majestic regent of this country’s waterways found a new home on the Cumberland River in Chattanooga, Tenn.  
The Delta Queen steamboat was originally commissioned to carry passengers up and down the Sacramento-San Jaoquin River Delta along with her twin, The Delta King.  At the time of their creation, these two steamers were the most expensive and luxurious to date.  
The pair reigned supreme in the lazy Southern California waters until 1946, when they were purchased by the Green Line Steamers Company.  
Today, the Wueen is listed on the National Historic Landmark register and it has been turned into a floating boutique hotel.  
Unfortunately, because of the Safety at Sea Act, The Delta Queen is prohibited from carrying overnight passengers.  
So, what does this have to do with a band from Mississippi?  Earlier this year the story of The Delta Queen caught the attention of the band Nash Street.
After recently completing their latest album, the members of the band — Daniel Hare, Hannah Melby, Ben Mathis, Caroline Melby, and Clay Lezon — were looking for a location to shoot a music video for their song “Mississippi Queen.”  
Mandolin player Caroline Melby shared, “The song was written by Shelly Fairchild, who is a native of Mississippi.  And it paints this beautiful metaphor of new beginnings and complete self-fulfillment.”
 The song is timely for the band because, prior to shooting their video in June, they uprooted from Mississippi and moved to Nashville, Tenn., to further their musical career.  
“Shooting our video on The Delta Queen just made sense,” explained bass player Daniel Hare, “because if you listen to the lyrics of the song and you know the history of the boat and of our band, you find that there is an uncanny similarity between everything.”  
Some of the more poignant lyrics are as follows:
There’s an old boat parked at the waters edge,
Used to be a looker I’ve heard it said.
Used to own that river without a care,
Now it’s a restaurant it ain’t goin’ nowhere.
I wanna raise that anchor, start the paddle wheel a’turnin’,
Wanna blow that whistle, get those smoke stacks burnin’
Roll on Mississippi Queen,
Show me the world on a river of dreams.
Head on down that old Tombigbee,
Never come back again.
Hold on to your spirit,
Winds callin’ now can’t you hear it.
We weren’t built to stay in one place,
Roll on Mississippi Queen.
The video, filmed on June 28 by a crew from Distant Lands Production Company from Nashville, accents the most unique aspects of both the steamer and the band in a way in which the beauty and individuality of both groups are exhibited.
 “It was such an honor to be able to film our video on The Delta Queen,” fiddle player Hannah Melby said.
“Being on board, we really gained a better understanding of the historical significance of the boat.  It also really helped impress upon us the meaning behind the lyrics of the song. 
“You know no matter what situation you may find yourself in, there’s always a tomorrow.  And a brighter future may be as close as just around a bend in the river,” Melby added. 
As of right now, the video has been completed and Nash Street is extremely excited to share the final product with everyone.  
The video premiered on Tuesday at the Foundation for Bluegrass Music Fundraising Reception during the International Bluegrass Association Convention in Nashville.
The video will be released on YouTube on Sunday.
The band would like to request that everyone go to and help spread the word for everyone to watch the video on that particular day.  
If the video receives 10,000 views, then it will be featured on YouTube’s homepage.’ Thanks to all of you who emailed a radio request to Nashville, Nash Street’s song, “Walk With You” is now being played on a major Nashville radio station. 
“It takes alot to keep a band afloat,” Ben Mathis said.
“We couldn’t do this without the support of all of our fans. They mean so much to us because of everything they’ve done to help us in the past.”
Nash Street can’t wait to release the video to their fans in the coming week. However, in the meantime they encourage everyone to sign up on the mailing list through their website,
Also, go check the band out at all of their social networking sites: facebook, myspace, and twitter.
The band can’t wait to hopefully see everyone at their next show in Starkville, which is coming up in less than two weeks.
The band will share their new video on Oct. 9 during a very special benefit concert to support a new Music Legacy Fund for the Starkville School District.
General admission tickets cost $15 for adults and $10 for students.
Legacy package tickets — only 60 of which are available — cost $75 for individuals and $100 per couple and include Nash Street T-shirt or CD, autographed photo, reserved concert seating and admission to a pre-concert reception at 5:30 p.m. honoring Nash Street.
Call (662) 701-7579 to reserve Legacy tickets to today.
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