MSU students travel to Utah for landscape competition


Twenty Mississippi State students will travel to Provo, Utah, next week to compete in the 41st Annual National Collegiate Landscape Competition.

At the event, students will showcase their talents and knowledge of the art, science and business of landscaping.

MSU hosted the competition last year and finished 12th out of 63 competing schools. The National Association of Landscape Professionals sponsors the annual event.

The competition will be from March 15 to Match 18 at Brigham Young University and feature 29 team and individual events.

“To say that landscape professionals are in demand is an understatement,” said Missy Henriksen, vice president of public affairs, National Association of Landscape Professionals. “Each year the landscape industry must fill 300,000 jobs, meaning there is great promise and opportunity on the table for individuals with the right education and training.”