MSU observatory invites all to view total lunar eclipse, supermoon

Georgia Clarke
Staff Writer

Golden Triangle residents and others interested in having a telescopic view of a rare total lunar eclipse are invited Sunday night [Sept. 27] to Mississippi State’s Howell Observatory. Organized by the university’s physics and astronomy department, the free event takes place 8-10 p.m. on grounds of the Leveck Animal Research Center, usually referred to as the South Farm. Rain or heavily overcast skies will cancel the viewing. The eclipse is scheduled to reach its midpoint at 9:47 p.m.
During the eclipse, the sun, Earth and moon will align and cause Earth’s shadow to block the sun’s light that normally reflects off the moon. Sunday’s coincidental supermoon should further enhance to the heavenly display. The last supermoon eclipse combination took place more than 30 years ago; the next will be in 2033. Learn more about MSU's physics and astronomy department at