Mayhew Junction Brewing Co. now hosts weekday tours

Starkville welcomed its first brewery in January. Since opening, Mayhew Junction Brewing Company has settled into its Eckford Drive location near Highway 12, and now offers regular weekday tours of its hometown brewing headquarters.

The brewery was started by two couples: Jean Mohammadi-Aragh Irby and Derek Irby; Katy Edwards and Chris Edwards. The Irbys and Chris Edwards brew at MJBC. Jean and Katy are both educators, with Jean working at Mississippi State. The love of beer is shared by all, and each brings a different style, preference and passion for brewing to Mayhew Junction.

"It's really important for us to all work together," Mohammadi-Aragh Irby said. "We have a shared love of beer, and it shines through in everything we do."

The brewery offers a range of small-batch brews, and each founder brings different styles and flavors into the mix. Derek loves stouts and Jean is partial to hefeweizen. Chris crafts brews around savoring the hops flavor, and Katy prefers a good sour.

Tours of the intimate brewery for this month run from 5 to 8 p.m., Thursday October 13, 20, and 27. To wrap up October, the location will offer tours Friday October 28 and 29. Tours cost $15 and covers a tasting glass, tokens to sample six, six ounce beers and a guided tour of the brewing facilities. Participants can bring glasses back on an additional tour and save $5 at the door.

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