MaxxSouth expanding 1-gig internet in Starkville area


MaxxSouth Broadband announced this weekend that it will expand its broadband services to provide up to 1 Gigabit internet to many in Starkville’s surrounding areas.

The latest upgrade is scheduled to launch in the Highland Plantation community east of Starkville. This round of upgrades is expected to be completed in early spring.

Highland Plantation is made up of over 225 rental properties positioned on 600 acres of land. The community is less than 2 miles from the east entrance of the MSU campus.

MaxxSouth Broadband President and CEO Peter Kahelin said in a statement the average 20 Megabit internet speeds take 32 minutes to download a two-hour high-definition movie. But with 1 Gigabit internet, the same download would take about 25 seconds.  

"These ongoing network upgrades come as an expansion of our current Gigabit services in the city of Starkville," Kahelin said. "Improved speeds will tremendously benefit students, businesses and residents in the county areas."   

MaxxSouth Broadband's service area covers 200 miles and includes 20 counties and 61 communities in northern Mississippi and Alabama