La Terraza gets a facelift

La Terraza is having renovations done to improve the face of the restaurant and expand the patio. (Photo by Sarah Raines, SDN)
Staff Writer

Renovations are underway at La Terraza, the restaurant on Eckford Drive which serves Mexican cuisine, and manager Elvira Chavez said she hopes the renovations will help the restaurant better serve the people of Starkville.

La Terraza is still open while renovations are being done to the front of the building and the patio. The first order of business was to fix some damage done to the roof by a tornado that passed through a few years ago. Other renovations include expanding the patio to accommodate more customers and adding more roof coverage to outside areas.

"We're doing all this because we want a better presentation for the restaurant and for the service, so people can feel like they are welcome and like they are in a nice place," Chavez said. "I want it to look even better than it does now."

The style of La Terraza is fashioned after traditional terraces found in large houses in Mexico. A new arch is being added to the face of the building to emphasize the theme, which is already found throughout the design on the inside of the building.

"Our mission is to appreciate the families and the young people," Chavez said. "Whatever we're doing now is to have in place for the people of Starkville."

Chavez said the new expansion and the changes should result in a cleaner, more comfortable setting with a better design. Renovations will take a few more weeks, but the restaurant's hours are unaffected by the construction.