Hollenhead productive for ICC softball

Mamie Hollenhead
Staff Writer

There is no such thing as a sophomore slump as far as Mamie Hollenhead is concerned at Itawamba Community College.
It seems the former East Webster High School softball player keeps getting better.
Hollenhead leads the No. 6 ranked Indians with a .478 batting average, 89 hits, 71 runs batted in and six triples. She is sixth in the NJCAA with 24 doubles, ninth with the 89 hits and 10th with the 71 RBI.
ICC softball coach Andy Kirk calls Hollenhead “the poster child for what ICC softball is all about” because of her work ethic, classroom performance and the passion she provides to the game.
“Her contributions on and off the field have been tremendous,” Kirk said. “She has been our major run producer the last two years and team inspiration for all. No one on the team is able to be in a bad mood or have a down day when Mamie is around. She inspires all her teammates to play the game the Indian way.”
Hollenhead said at first it was different going from playing for Lee Berryhill and the Lady Wolverines to Kirk and the Indians.
As time went on, playing in Fulton became easier and she got into a good flow.
“I’ve gotten used to seeing the pitching now and I’ve really tried to slow down the game in my head,” Hollenhead said. “I feel like I’ve accomplished that so it’s been a whole lot better than it was last year.
“It became natural and worked itself out. It is a whole lot different than high school ball. Once you get the hang of it, you are in and you’ve got it.”
Team success seems to follow Hollenhead wherever she plays softball.
After leading East Webster to state championships, she has helped ICC to the highest NJCAA ranking in program history.
Hollenhead, who will be continuing her softball career at North Alabama, said it’s satisfying to see how far the Indians have come.
“In the beginning, a lot of people counted us out and didn’t think we’d make it this far,” Hollenhead said. “We’ve overcame a lot of obstacles. I’m really proud of this team because we’ve proved a lot of people wrong and I think we’ll continue to prove people wrong. I couldn’t ask for a better group of girls to play with.”
Hollenhead has been part of the winningest sophomore class in the history of ICC softball. The Indians have won a total of 78 games during her time there.
Now ICC begins the postseason against Mississippi Association of Junior and Community Colleges champion and No. 1 seed Jones County Junior College at 6 p.m. Wednesday. The Indians are seeded fourth in the event.
Hollenhead believes in the Indians and that an upset can take place.
“We hope to make some history here and bring it back to Fulton,” Hollenhead said.