Easter weekend in Starkville: Faith, events and spring weather brings community together

(From right) Madison Lee, 7 and Kaycie Hill, 6, show off the eggs they collected at the  Easter event held at Second Baptist Church on Saturday. (Photo by Ryan Phillips, SDN)
Ryan Phillips and Sarah Raines
Staff Writer

The side yard of Second Baptist Church was tranquil and quiet Saturday morning as volunteers dotted the green space around the church with brightly-colored plastic eggs.

Inside the church building, though, the rumblings of discontent could be heard from outside as sugar-craving children itched at the chance to snatch up the best goodies.

Edna Hill served as master of ceremonies for the egg hunt, which was conducted in separate stages based on age. With more than 1,500 eggs placed around the property, there was plenty for all to enjoy.
“That’s not even including the candy bags,” she said.

Dozens of children lined up outside of the church building shortly before noon and Hill gave the starting words for the hunt to begin. By the end of several rounds of stampeding children, plastic grocery bags, wicker Easter baskets and plastic buckets overflowed with little plastic eggs and candy - a satisfied and victorious face on each child.

“We had a great turnout,” Hill said.

Only a short distance away on Lynn Lane, Bethlehem Church of Starkville held an Easter weekend celebration at the Starkville Sportsplex, complete with bounce houses, food and fellowship.
Children were able to slide down an inflatable slide, jump in a bounce house and enjoy the mild spring weather with their church and community.

Pastor Brandon Frazier said the event was the church’s third annual Easter Block Party that offers s a wide range of events to the community.

"We have it at the Sportplex for our community,” he said “We are giving after snow cones, hot dogs, chips and will have an Egg hunt tomorrow after after our Easter morning service from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the soccer fields.”

Meanwhile, children perused around the trees of McKee Park for colorful eggs at an event hosted by Life Church and Pastor John Daniels. The Easter Egg hunt began at 11 a.m. Parents and caretakers walked alongside or watched from the pavilions as children found, exchanged, and sorted through eggs, which held prizes from small bracelets to candy.

Daniels said there were 2,000 eggs hidden for children who attended the morning hunt at McKee Park, and after the race for the eggs was finished, food was provided and names were drawn for prizes while children sorted through their round plastic pockets of surprises.