Dairy Queen addresses social media buzz about off-center sign

The off-center "Grill & Chill" sign has caused quite the stir and locals took to social media to voice their opinions about the sign (Photo by Sarah Raines, SDN)
Staff Writer

The design of Starkville's new Dairy Queen has caused a buzz in social media — particularly the "Grill and Chill" sign on the front of the building, which is off-center and skewed to the left.

Since the sign was first erected at the new location positioned at the intersection of Lynn Lane and Louisville Street, scores of Starkville Daily News readers have commented on stories about the construction progress on the new fast food eatery, wondering why the sign is just slightly off-center.

Community Marketing Manager for Fourteen Foods Will Connell said many people asked him why the sign was off-center on the new building when he visited businesses on Wednesday to tell about the opening on May 31.

Connell said the off-centered sign is the standard design for newly-built Dairy Queens.

"Generally speaking, the signs are a little off center and, generally speaking, the stonework is off center," Connell said. "That's kind of the design."

Connell said the stone face on the Starkville store being more centered than some others might be the reason the skewed position of the "Grill and Chill" sign on this particular store stands out.

"The sign might be a little off center, but we're focused people on the inside, and that's what counts," Connell said. "It is kind of funny that it created a little bit of a buzz in the area, and got people talking."

Connell said he hopes the off-centered sign doesn't deter anyone from coming, sitting on the patio and enjoying the new restaurant.