Crawford man's dog brutally shot before Christmas

Staff Writer

Only days before Christmas 2015, while driving to work, Deon Selvie found his adult son Devon's dog, Guy, in a ditch lying on the side of the road near their Crawford home.
"My dad called me to go check on him," Devon said. "When I found him, he had a gaping hole in his chest right between his front two paws. He was trying to get up and walk, but the bullet had shattered the bones for his upper front leg."
Now, with one leg missing, and a $3,200 vet bill, Guy and 24-year old Devon are looking for support from the community. A page has been set up to help raise money to pay for Guy's surgery. If the fundraiser fails to meet its goal, Devon is headed for a financial disaster.
"This money is very important," he said. "If I don't get this money, I'll have to file for bankruptcy."
As of yesterday, the page has raised $300 over the last 12 days.
According to the Selvies, this isn't the first time that this has happen to them in Crawford. Three of their other dogs before Guy have also been shot to death.
"Whoever did this to him, shame on you," Deon Selvie said.
Guy is described as a gentle creature by Deon Selvie. Guy — a Labrador mix with a trace of pit bull — has been a part of the Selvie's lives since January 2015, when he was a young pup. For a while, Guy would disappear from the Selvie's home but he always came back unharmed.
After realizing that Guy was in dire need of medical attention, he was brought to the emergency room at Mississippi State University's veterinary college's emergency room. After four hours of waiting Devon learned that Guy would have to have his leg amputated in order to save his life. Guy's surgery was performed three days before Christmas.
Devon is legally blind and currently receives disability payments, and relies on guy for emotional support. Luckily, he has found a new job created for blind people working for the Internal Revenue Service in Atlanta.
"It's a really great opportunity for me," Devon said. "I'll be moving to Atlanta the start of next month for training."
He is planning to take Guy along with him in Atlanta. As of now, he's helping guy adjust to losing his leg, right before Guy's first birthday.
"He's making progress," Devon said. "He's a little slow with it but he's learning well."
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