Calvin Ware finds success through hard work

Calvin Ware will now serve as the new Sanitation and Environmental Services director for the city of Starkville.
Staff Writer

Calvin Ware and his family were sitting at Applebee’s nearly two weeks ago having a normal dinner before his son left town.

The light music and conversation buzzed in the air, when a typical night turned into a celebration.

Ware’s phone went off, notifying him of the news. Ware will now serve as the new Sanitation and Environmental Services director for the city of Starkville.

“I thought I was going to have a heart attack,” he said laughing. “Then tears started running.”

As his family celebrated, his son explained, "You earned that daddy, by working hard."

Ware, 44, takes pride in his job and city officials have lauded the work ethic that brought him to his current position.

When he was 23 years old, Ware was working in McDonald's when an employee of the department noticed something in the way Ware presented himself. Ware was then offered a job as a garbage truck worker.

Ware took this opportunity and ran with it.

As the years passed, he capitalized on every opportunity he could by climbing the ranks. He went from a garbage truck worker to a driver, a foreman, superintendent and then interim director of the department.

“The steps that I had to take were hard work, dedication and loyalty to the ones over you and that’s how you become successful,” Ware said. “They would call me at any time of the night and I would be there.”

Ware hopes to serve as an example and inspiration for both the people in his department and for people who put their best effort into the work they do.

Even though Ware has made it to the director position, he knows this will be a challenging task, but he welcomes the challenge and will work to make the department operate as best as it possibly can.

“It's been a learning experience,” Ware said. “I’m the first one here and the last one to leave.”

Ware said he likes to come in as early as possible to read and find out what needs to be done within the department and figure out a way to accomplish it correctly.

He said with the mayor and the Starkville Board of Aldermen praising his work, he is pushing everyone in the department to be as efficient as possible and with his background, the workplace has seen a change from years past.

“I have seen the morale go up since I’ve been here,” Ware said. “Everybody is ready to jump in.”

Ware emphasizes the fact the department is a team and together they will make Starkville as beautiful as it can.

“I'm going to make sure these goals are followed through, by making sure that all trash and rubbish is picked up, the right of ways are cut and all litter is under control,” Ware said. “I’m going to make sure the sanitation team is doing their job.”

As Ware is still moving into his office, he still can't believe he is the department head. Sitting at his new desk, smile as radiant as ever, Ware reveled in the success earned by all of the hours of hard work.

“When you work hard and do the right thing, then it pays off,” Ware said.“That was my ultimate goal to always work from the bottom up to the top and now I’ve made it.”