4-County members warned of scam

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4-County Electric Power Association customers are asked to be cautious in the wake of reports of criminals identifying themselves as electric company employees in order to steal from homes.
According to 4-County Systems Security Director Jimmie Daniels, there have been several such reports from local law enforcement officials that a group of people may be doing so.
One report, from the Webster County Sheriff's Department, said three people — two men and a woman — traveling in a full-size white pickup truck, went to a residence in the Eupora area and stated they were with the Natchez Trace Electric Power Association. The three asked the homeowners if they needed any trees cut or poles set. While the homeowners were distracted, officials believe one of the individuals entered the home and took items.
The three attempted the same scam in Webster County, posing as 4-County employees, but were unsuccessful.
Jon Tuner, 4-County public relations manager, said he has not heard of any additional reports and that the Oktibbeha County Sheriff's Department has not reported any similar incidents to the power association.
Daniels asked customers to be careful and said in a press release that employees of 4-County will always be identified as such.
"4-County employees will always be in a marked 4-County vehicle," he said. "They will wear clothing with the 4-County logo and will carry identification showing they work for 4-County… 4-County does use contractors who are not 4-County employees that do some line, right of way and pole inspection work. These contractors will have their company clearly marked on their vehicles and wear clothing or have identification that shows they are contracted with 4-County."
If customers feel questionable about someone claiming to be a 4-County employee, Daniels recommends contacting the power association at 1-800-431-1544 to ensure an employee has been dispatched. Additionally, any suspicious activity should be reported to local law enforcement agencies.