2018 CDAF Artisan's Village applications being accepted

Staff Writer

Applications for the 2018 Cotton District Arts Festival Artisan's Village are being accepted online by the Starkville Area Arts Council until Feb. 18, 2018.

Applications can be submitted online at www.cdafestival.com.

SAAC Executive Director John Bateman said this is the first year that applications are accepted exclusively online through Submittable.

"Submittable is commonly used by artists and many already have an account," Bateman said. "Submitting applications online saves time, and it's easier for the artists and event coordinators."

According to the CDAF website, items for sale in the Artisan's village must be original work of the artist and must be representative of that described in the application. Original artwork is defined as both handmade and/or the repurposing of items which results in the creation of new and unique works of art. Craft kits, t-shirts or other factory made items are allowed regardless of artistic enhancement. Items containing collegiate or organizational logos and emblems are not allowed.

Head of Artisan's Village Committee Mary Switzer said typically 130 vendors participate in the Artisan's Village each year.

The items for sale are divided into six categories:
⁃ Paintings - original oil, acrylic, water mixed media and other on canvas, wood, paper and recycled objects
⁃ Sculpture - metal, wood, glass, mixed media and other three-dimensional art objects
⁃ Graphics - drawing, printmaking, calligraphy and photography
⁃ Ceramics - all clay-based art and craft
⁃ Jewelry - all types and materials
⁃ Traditional craft - woodworking, furniture, fiber and fabric, decorative art and other items such as condiments, candles and soap

"We are looking for variety, uniqueness and quality," Switzer said. "We always look forward to new artisans joining the talent that has been with us for years, particularly younger artists. Last year, we had a few high school and college students who contributed a lot to the success and diversity of the festival. People love to see young artists."

The 2018 Cotton District Arts Festival will be April 7, 2018 in the historic Cotton District in downtown Starkville.

"It's a fantastic, free public event that connects the region with artists and their work not only from Mississippi, but out-of-state as well," Bateman said. "It's free, which really allows the public to experience the arts and allows artists to showcase their work as well."